As the Group HR Director of a Manufacturing Business based in the US, I recently engaged the services of several head-hunters to assist in the recruitment of key positions within our organization. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, they were unsuccessful in identifying suitable candidates for the roles. 
However, when we engaged Tri Talent Resourcing, we experienced a different level of service and results. From the beginning, Tri Talent demonstrated a deep understanding of our business and the specific requirements for the positions we were looking to fill. They were proactive in their approach and were able to identify and engage with potential candidates quickly. 
Tri Talent also demonstrated a strong ability to screen and assess candidates. They conducted thorough interviews, which included comprehensive assessments of skills, experience, and cultural fit. As a result, they were able to present us with candidates that were highly qualified and well-suited for the roles. 
Throughout the recruitment process, Tri Talent provided regular updates and feedback to both the candidates and our organization. They were highly responsive to any queries or concerns we had and were always available to provide guidance and support. 
Ultimately, Tri Talent was able to identify and secure top-tier talent for our organization. The candidates they presented were of the highest calibre, and we are confident that they will make significant contributions to our business. 
In summary, I highly recommend Tri Talent Resourcing for their exceptional recruitment services. Their deep understanding of our business, proactive approach, and strong candidate assessment capabilities set them apart from other head-hunters. 
We look forward to working with Tri Talent again in the future. 
Group HR Director of a Manufacturing Business 
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