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Tri Talent Resourcing can provide valuable support to individuals within a business who are going through personal challenges such as a divorce, illness, or bereavement and how they manage that in the workplace. From a personal experience 7 years ago, it’s almost an impossible task to manage both work and personal and I commend anyone who effectively did it well. 
I had the pleasure of working with one of the UK’s most high-profile HR Directors who we will see on a podcast soon and can’t thank them enough how they helped me through, when I see statistics of men who commit suicide on a weekly basis. 
Advice - 
1. Flexible Work Arrangements: A business can offer flexible work arrangements to accommodate the individual's needs during challenging times. This may include adjusted working hours, remote work options, or reduced workloads to allow for necessary personal commitments or time off. 
2. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): EAPs can provide confidential counselling and support services to employees facing personal challenges. A business can partner with EAP providers to ensure employees have access to professional assistance and resources (We have a host of contacts).  
3. Communication and Empathy: Maintaining open lines of communication and showing empathy towards the affected individual is crucial. Regular check-ins, providing a listening ear, and offering support and understanding can go a long way in helping them navigate their personal challenges. 
4. Referral to Supportive Resources: The business can provide information and resources related to support groups, counselling services, legal advice, or other relevant services that may assist the individual during their personal difficulties. 
5. Adjusted Workload and Responsibilities: Depending on the situation, the business can temporarily adjust the individual's workload and responsibilities to alleviate stress and allow them to focus on their personal well-being. 
6. Team Support and Collaboration: Encouraging team members to offer support and understanding can create a sense of community within the workplace. Colleagues can help share the workload, provide emotional support, or cover tasks during times when the individual is unavailable or requires additional support. 
Tri Talent Resourcing, it's great to hear that they provided exceptional support to my new leader during their personal challenges. Their understanding, empathy, and flexibility in accommodating their needs demonstrate their commitment to the well-being and care of their follow up process. 
By offering personalised support and resources, they fostered a supportive work environment that enabled me as their boss to navigate their personal difficulties while still feeling valued and supported within the team. 
It's important to note that different businesses may have varying approaches and levels of support based on their resources and policies. Tri Talent Resourcing's dedication to providing excellent support to a member facing personal challenges reflects their commitment to employee well-being and speaks to their effectiveness in handling such situations. 
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