Tri Talent Resourcing can provide valuable support and engagement to clients during the onboarding process by implementing a structured 90-day plan. 
Here are some ways they can help: 
1. Pre-boarding Assistance: Tri Talent Resourcing can collaborate with you to develop a pre-boarding plan that ensures a smooth transition for the new hire. This may include coordinating with the client to provide necessary paperwork, sharing information about the company culture, values, and policies, and setting clear expectations for the onboarding process. 
2. Onboarding Documentation: Tri Talent Resourcing can assist in creating comprehensive onboarding documentation that outlines the key objectives, milestones, and expectations for the first 90 days. This documentation can serve as a roadmap for both the client and the new employee, ensuring clarity and alignment throughout the onboarding journey. 
3. Clear Communication: Effective communication is crucial during the onboarding process. Tri Talent Resourcing can facilitate communication between the client and the new hire, providing regular updates, addressing any concerns, and acting as a liaison to ensure a seamless flow of information. 
4. Training and Development: Tri Talent Resourcing can work with the client to identify specific training and development needs for the new hire. This may involve recommending appropriate resources, arranging training sessions or workshops, and providing guidance on skill enhancement opportunities. We have a team of external coaching advisors who can help. 
5. Performance Evaluation: Tri Talent Resourcing can help design performance evaluation mechanisms that allow clients to assess the progress and performance of the new hire during the first 90 days. This may include setting key performance indicators (KPIs), conducting performance reviews, and providing constructive feedback to support the new employee's growth. 
6. Support and Mentoring: Tri Talent Resourcing can offer ongoing support and mentoring to the new hire throughout the 90-day onboarding period. This may involve regular check-ins, addressing any challenges or concerns, and offering guidance to ensure a positive and successful integration into the client's organisation. 
7. Continuous Improvement: Tri Talent Resourcing can gather feedback from both the client and the new hire to identify areas for improvement in the onboarding process. This feedback can help refine the 90-day plan and enhance future onboarding experiences, strengthening the client's talent acquisition and retention strategies. 
By providing structured onboarding support over a 90-day plan, Tri Talent Resourcing can facilitate a positive and productive transition for the new hire, ensuring their successful integration into the client's organisation. This engagement approach fosters stronger client-candidate relationships and increases the likelihood of long-term employee satisfaction and success. 
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